Energy Each Day

Energy Each Day

The Key to IncreasingEnergy:EXERCISE

[But, that’s not its only benefit!]

It’s true: energy creates energy. If you want more, get moving. It may sound easy, because it is. By simply removing yourself from the sofa and putting one foot in front of the other, you will begin a beneficial cycle of increased energy and metabolism.

Exercise is, indeed, the silver bullet to a higher quality of life, health and protection against a host of common ailments and diseases. At the top of the list, along with increased energy, is weight loss and maintenance. Keeping your weight where it should be gives immediate support to the heart, joints and emotional/mental well-being.

Any amount of exercise, at any age is beneficial to health. A good rule of thumb: the more exercise you participate in, the more rewards you will reap. By incorporating a weekly, [religious], pattern of exercise as important as turning on a water faucet, you will give back to your health in enormously beneficial ways.

Your heart will thank you again and again. There are scant few people who don’t need to ward off the possibility of heart disease, stroke and/or high blood pressure. Exercise is a top gun in protecting the heart. Regular physical exertion strengthens the heart muscle and aides in lowering blood pressure. Add to that maintaining “good” vs. “bad” cholesterol levels and improving blood flow and you are on the path to heart-healthy living.

Exercise also helps with losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight based on height helps relieve pressure and stress on joints. Being fit by incorporating a muscle strengthening program helps to manage and prevent back pain. A strong core is the body’s best protection against spinal weakness and related issues. Weight-bearing exercise goes a long way in preventing osteoporosis and subsequent bone loss. Lifting weights, walking, jogging, climbing steps and/or step classes all help strengthen bone formation, thus preventing bone deficiency and osteoporosis.

Self-esteem improvement and warding off depression is another top advantage of maintaining a regular, physical activity routine. With these two ailments out of the way, taking care of other aspects of life becomes much easier and more fulfilling. When the body is engaged in physical activity, it releases mood enhancing chemicals called, endorphins. Not only is your energy increased following exercise, your mental outlook is much higher and positive.

Simply put, exercise makes coping with daily stresses much easier. Exercise is a proven deterrent of depression, anxiety and panic attacks. The mind and body both relax as a result of the endorphins, thus the quality of life is increased

Livingoptimallyis the goal of maintaining a healthy, exercise routine. Maintaining and/or losing weight, supporting your heart, bones and emotional well-being are each benefits of doing so. All it calls for is simply moving forward. The energy of beginning to move will provide the rest of the energy needed to complete yourestablishedroutine!